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Bryce (Meenu) Ko

Bryce Ko studied a Bachelor of Oral Health at the University of Sydney, dual-qualifying him as a dental therapist and dental hygienist. He then continued his education, combining his knowledge of geriatrics and the adult dentition with his restorative clinical skills to be part of the first graduating class of the prestigious Adult Scope course of The University of Sydney. Bryce prides himself on his patient management, always making his dental appointments fun and making life long relationships with his patients.

His specialty is oral health education and believes that it is the key in preventing not only dental diseases but also systemic diseases – such as heart disease and diabetes. He always takes the time to teach his patients about dental home care and the importance of maintenance visits. With his passion lying within education, he loves to spend extra time with his patients creating that personal connection.

Bryce is able to speak English and Korean fluently.

Outside of dentistry, Bryce wears his heart on his sleeve and has a wide range of hobbies/interests. He is the encyclopaedia for all things sport (especially basketball) and has recently taken up social soccer. Within his friend groups he is also known for being the clown – never failing to get a laugh.


B Oral Health Usyd (Adult Scope Qualified)

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