Cosmetic Dentistry Sydney

Dentures in North Ryde

Our Dentists are experienced in making a variety of Dentures to suit your needs.

Whether your need to replace missing teeth is cosmetic or functional, we are able to offer a wide range of denture materials and designs for your individual situation.

Metal Cobalt-Chrome Dentures

  1. Metal dentures provide you with the most chewing force.
  2. These denture designs are solid in nature and do not tend to ever feel loose or wobbly.
  3. Missing teeth are able to be replaced cosmetically with metal clasps only on back teeth.
  4. These dentures are highly comfortable as the base plate is very thin and does not feel bulky on the palate.


Acrylic Dentures

  1. Acrylic Dentures feature a pink acrylic backing and limited metal in their design
  2. The only metal present is in the clasps which grasp onto teeth for support
  3. Gums provide support for the denture during chewing
  4. Missing teeth are replaced cosmetically and teeth are shade- matched to your natural teeth


Flexible Valplast Dentures

  1. Flexible Dentures do not have any metal pieces and are able to replace small sections of missing teeth in a most aesthetic and cosmetic way
  2. Teeth are natural in colour and shape and size are matched to your existing teeth
  3. Comfortable wear and insertion


Full Acrylic Dentures

  1. We can replace all of your teeth with dentures if you do not have any teeth remaining
  2. These dentures tend to appear cosmetically appealing as teeth can be made to suit your facial proportions
  3. Dentures are retained by suction forces to the palate