Dental Implants

All on 4 Dental Implants in Sydney

Get all on 4 dental implants in Sydney from a clinic that abides by the gold standard in restorative dentistry. At Midas Dental, our cutting-edge technology enables a whole set of permanent, natural-looking and comfortable teeth to be fixed in place with just 4 dental implants in each arch. This treatment is suitable for patients struggling with large gaps, failing natural teeth and dentures that move.

Achieve Your Smile Makeover with Our All on 4 Dental Implants

We understand how life can be hard with damaged or missing teeth. Bridges and dentures are one solution, but they come with many disadvantages.

a row of teeth with a dental implant

People with dentures often worry about issues such as plate slippage, so they avoid some of their favourite food like a juicy steak, corn on the cob or even fresh fruit. Some give up healthy activities such as dancing and swimming for fear of having their dentures slip or fall out. Dentures can also be a chore to take care of and they have a tendency to break or get lost. They make it difficult to manage daily activities, affecting a person’s quality of life.

While crowns are another solution, they are often not a viable choice. People with missing teeth have problems eating and may feel self-conscious about the gaps in their smiles. As the facial muscles relax over time, this can cause changes in the shape of the face such as sunken cheeks.

Over the years, people have had to undergo an expensive, difficult and lengthy process to have their teeth replaced with implants. At Midas Dental, we offer the best alternative: our all on 4 treatment in Sydney. With our all on 4 dental implants, you achieve your Smile Makeover relatively straightforward with minimal pain and discomfort.