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Children’s Orthodontics in North Ryde

Children’s Orthodontics

What is it?

There are many treatments designed to help shape the developing mouth in order to prevent or alleviate teeth or jaw misalignment. These treatments may be classified as early intervention orthodontics. Children up to age 12 can benefit from this through the use of Myobrace or palatal expanders, thus potentially avoiding other orthodontic treatments as they get older. Issues such as crossbites and deep bites can also be corrected by wearing removable appliances and space expanders can also be used to reduce crowding.


Myobrace is a preventative pre-orthodontic treatment, recommended for kids aged 5-9. It works by retraining the lips and jaw, thus promoting healthy alignment. Myobrace focuses on the foundations of good breathing and speech and improved tongue movement and correct swallow patterns to use the muscular activity to push the teeth into the correct positions naturally.


Palatal expanders/plates gradually expand a child’s upper jaw. This can prevent future orthodontic issues such as cross bite, crowding, and impacted teeth.