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Transform Your Smile with Digital Smile Design in North Ryde

Has your confidence been knocked as the result of an imperfect smile? We've got you covered. Midas Dental can provide the perfect transformation to bring back your confidence and help you achieve a smile as beautiful as your personality.

Cosmetic and restorative dentistry is constantly advancing, and just when we thought it couldn’t improve, we discovered the power of Digital Smile Design. With this new and innovative system, you have the power to select your dream smile and see your new smile before we even start treatment.

At Midas Dental, we know that a perfect smile is more than just a row of straight and beautiful teeth. Your smile should work in harmony with the features of your face and your personality. DSD smile design makes this possible and the best part, you can choose exactly how you want your new smile to look like!

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Midas Dental’s Five-Step Digital Smile Design Process

We can design your new smile in mere minutes with our digital smile system.

1. Take digital images

We use a variety of industry-leading equipment such as digital cameras and intra-oral scanners to take digital photos of your teeth and gums.

2. Analyse and plan

We consult you on any changes you’d like to make with your smile and suggest the ideal treatment options for you to achieve your vision.

3. Smile Design

We can manipulate the shape, position and dimensions of each of your teeth to create your dream smile. Our highly experienced dentists will help you design a smile that’s bright and beautiful while also considering health and function.

4. Present your new smile

Thanks to our Digital Smile Design system, you can see Before and After comparisons of various treatments. We can email you a copy of your smile design so you can look over it before making your decision.

5. Design a treatment plan

Your dentist will then design a treatment plan based on the specifications of your Digital Smile Design. The treatment plan may include a combination of dental veneers, teeth whitening or Invisalign. It all depends on your needs. We will also advise you on the costs involved and the duration of the treatment plan.

how Digital Smile Design can improve your teeth's appearance

Choose Midas Dental for Dental Smile Design in North Ryde

Midas Dental readily provides a solution for all your cosmetic and general dental concerns. If your top priority is to have the dream smile you’ve always wanted, we offer top-notch Dental Smile Design services in our North Ryde clinic. Our skills, expertise and commitment back up our promise to provide high-quality dentistry services.

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