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Gum Treatment and Deep Cleaning in North Ryde

If you suffer from periodontitis or gingivitis:

Periodontal Therapy

Our dentists and Oral Health Therapists are experienced in providing a comprehensive assessment of gum health.

In your Comprehensive Oral Examination, we will take an OPG X-Ray and also conduct a Periodontal Assessment. This is an assessment of the condition of your gums which are the structures which support your teeth.

Gum health is extremely important to the successful maintenance of your smile as they form the underlying foundation for your teeth.

The number one cause of tooth loss is gum disease as it can generally affect a whole mouth rather than tooth decay which can affect a single tooth.

We will measure the depth of pockets in your gums and may recommend a detailed Periodontal charting to record your gum condition.

To remove the deeper tartar, plaque and bacteria in your gums your oral health professional may recommend a deep clean for either single teeth, sections of your mouth or your whole mouth.

Any deep cleaning will be carried out under Local Anaesthetic and will be a completely pain-free procedure.

Your clinician will also teach you oral hygiene instructions to maintain the health of your teeth and gums and will routinely maintain the health of the gums through regular cleaning.