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Root Canal Treatment in North Ryde

Root Canal Treatment

What is a Root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a simple and beneficial procedure for patients with tooth pain. The aim of Root canal treatment is to eliminate pain occurring within a tooth and to save the tooth. Root canal treatment is required for patients who have inflammation or infection at the root of the tooth.

The aim of the treatment is to remove dead tissue and eliminate pain through cleaning up the infection inside the pulp of the tooth.

Steps in root canal treatment

The process of root canal treatments involves 3 stages

Stage 1: Removing the infection

During the first stage of root canal, we numb up the area to be treated with a local anaesthesia. A set up of the rubber dam is utilised to create focus onto the tooth being treated.

We remove the dead tissue inside the root of the tooth through drilling a hole on the tooth to access the dead matter. We clear out any other dirt inside that tooth by applying

Root canal k files are used to clean out the root of the tooth and expel any bacteria.

Antibiotics are used on the tooth to help reduce bacteria or any further infections.

The tooth is then sealed with a temporary filling material and paper points. This procedure may take 20-40 minutes depending on the complexity of the procedure.


Stage 2: Measuring the depth

A patient will generally commence the second stage of their root canal 1-2 weeks after they have completed stage 1. A numbing agent and local anaesthetic are applied again at the start of the procedure to ensure the comfort of the patient.

During this stage a more thorough cleaning of the tooth and root canal is performed to ensure all remaining bacteria and infection is removed. Measurements of a tooth’s root canals are also taken via x-rays and specially made k files to confirm the entire length of the canal is filled. This will ensure future infection does not occur.

The tooth is then sealed again using a temporary filling material. This procedure may take anywhere between 30-60 minutes to perform.


Stage 3. Placing the filling

Before the third stage of the root canal treatment the tooth will have had all infection eliminated and the patient should no longer be experiencing any pain. During this stage the root canals are dried and irrigated before rubber points are used to extend the length of the canals. These rubber points are then heated and sealed inside the canals. Depending on the case, a temporary or permanent filling is then placed on the tooth. This procedure may take anywhere between 30-60 minutes to perform. It is recommended after a tooth has been root canal treated, a crown procedure should be performed within 3 months in order to maintain the integrity of the tooth structure over the long-term.

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