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Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Sydney

Our dentists are experienced in removing a whole variety of wisdom teeth using both Simple and Surgical Extraction techniques.

Why/When should I remove my wisdom tooth?

Tooth extraction becomes necessary when a patient experiences pain around that tooth as well as tooth decay or crowding. Our experienced dentists may suggest to extract your tooth if your wisdom tooth does not grow into their designated place properly.

What does a Wisdom Tooth Extraction procedure include

Our dental practice analyses your oral x-rays to determine the best approach to the extraction procedure. For wisdom teeth removal, we use an OPG x-ray to locate your wisdom tooth, and to determine the size of the tooth and the complexity of the case. We’ll walk you through the process, treatment time and healing time.

How do I maintain it?

Even though our dentists strive to make the actual extraction as comfortable and painless as possible, your mouth will still feel sensitive afterwards. We suggest eating soft food until any type of pain subsides. We also suggest using ice packs on your face to reduce or avoid swelling. Our dentists might prescribe pain and anti-inflammatory medication and remind you not to brush around the area until you are fully healed.

How much does it cost?

Tooth extractions have a wide range of prices depending on the complexity of the procedure. Wisdom teeth removal can cost anything between $250-$670


Frequently Asked Questions

When does Wisdom Tooth Extraction become necessary?

What does a Wisdom Tooth Extraction procedure include?

Is there any special care involved in Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

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