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Grinding your teeth at night? Experiencing popping in your jaws or headaches or migraines?

Nocturnal Bruxism/ Night-time Grinding

Nocturnal Bruxism is a series of conditions in which you may be grinding, clenching or biting your teeth at night without being aware of these nocturnal activities. This causes significant damage to your teeth resulting in: cracks, chipped teeth, grinded down teeth, broken fillings, sensitivity of teeth, pain in the jaw joint, headaches, migraines and jaw-locking issues.

Nocturnal Bruxism is a very severe condition as it causes an increased rate of damage to all of the existing teeth which is more difficult to treat than a condition like decay on just one tooth. It also causes a whole series of facial and muscular pain issues.

These issues become quite problematic and an easy solution of creating a nightguard or occlusal splint can prevent these conditions from developing.

How are Nightguards made?

Nightguards are made by taking a mould or digital impression of your teeth and sending this impression to the dental lab for them to fabricate an occlusal splint.

With our digital impressions, we can easily scan your teeth using Itero and create a splint which will reprogramme the jaws and subconscious to prevent nocturnal Bruxism.