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Composite Veneers Sydney

Looking for a solution to makeover your smile?

Do you always look at your teeth in the mirror and wished you could make changes to your smile? Maybe there is a gap between your teeth, broken or chipped teeth or discolouration but you don’t want to do orthodontic treatment. If that describes an issue that concerns you, you should consider Composite Veneers.

What are Composite Veneers?

Composite Veneers or bonding are made of a composite resin and used to correct minor aesthetic issues on a few teeth. It is a simple and conservative way to change the appearance in colour, length, and shape of the teeth to suit your cosmetic dentistry needs just in one appointment. The treatment involves minimal preparation on the teeth so your natural teeth are not damaged in the procedure.


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Benefits of Composite Veneers

1. No Pain


Composite Veneers are not a painful process as it does not require injections as nothing is taken off the tooth. It is usually an additive technique.

The tooth is lightly prepared which involves cleaning and conditioning the tooth, then a dental adhesive is applied before the composite resin is sculpted on the tooth. The composite is then polished to a high shine.

2. Improve the shape of teeth


Composite veneers can be used to treat chipped teeth, gaps in between teeth, cracks in teeth, surface unevenness of teeth, staining or discolouration of teeth. It is a customised smile for a natural look.

They can improve the shape of your teeth to be aesthetically pleasing and help you to achieve your smile goal. They can also preserve your natural tooth structure and discolouration and close the gaps between teeth.

3. Natural appearance


Composite Veneers can be placed onto the surface of teeth in a conservative manner with a little or no reduction of the tooth surface. The material used to make the veneer is carefully matched to the colour of your adjacent teeth as the composite will blend out nicely like your natural teeth.

What to expect of the Composite Veneers process?


Initial consultation

– Photo record taking
– Smile goal discussion
– Any x-rays if required


Preliminary treatments

– Checkup and cleaning if required
– Removal and repair of any decays


Composite sculpting

    – Composite placed on the teeth to create the length, size, and shape to your liking
    – Polishing down to a brilliant finish


What cosmetic concerns are suitable for Composite Veneers or Dental Bonding?

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