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Emergency Dental Care in North Ryde

We understand how excruciating a toothache can be and will be able to offer you same-day appointments if you are suffering from dental pain. We are motivated to provide you pain relief in a timely manner and are experienced in a variety of treatments including: Root Canal Treatment, Wisdom Tooth Extractions, Simple Extraction.

When is it considered emergency dental care?

A patient can experience dental concerns that require immediate attention. If any of the following signs are present on your teeth, it is strongly recommended to see a dentist.

  • Pain
  • Sensitivity
  • Cracked/ broken tooth
  • Wisdom toothache
  • Inflammation/Swelling/redness

It is risky and can cause severe consequences to the health of your teeth if there is no professional help provided.

What treatments are considered?

To ensure the best possible treatment is applied to the specific patient, we get patients to come in for consultations to see our health professional. In this consultation, a diagnosis and clinical check will be provided. There are numerous treatments that can be applied based on the diagnosis, such as:

  • Root canal treatment
  • Simple and complex extraction
  • Provision of antibiotics