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Dental Implants

Have you lost your tooth due to extensive decay, extractions, infections, gum disease or poor hygiene and want to replace the missing tooth? We recommend you get an implant. A full and radiant smile perfected by putting an implant gives confidence! This procedure helps to prevent adjacent teeth from shifting position to close gap. We’ll restore your smile appearance and function in no time.

Implants are an option for patients that do not prefer to have a bridge or denture.

Getting an implant early enables one to protect their oral health.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are advanced permanent screwlike artificial roots inserted into the jawbone, beneath the gums, which allow crowns to feel natural. Dental implants are replacements for missing or badly damaged teeth. A typical treatment plan may include immediate extraction and implant placement, bone augmentation, soft tissue augmentation, sinus lift, single-stage implant placement or two-stage implant placement.

They are made from titanium material.


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Benefits of Implants

There’s more to dental implants than restoring your natural smile.


1. The implant surgery replaces a missing or a badly damaged tooth without affecting surrounding teeth. The jawbone integration ensures the implant’s stability, too, so you can regain your chewing and eating functions with ease. Implants improve oral health. The nearby teeth are left intact and do not support the implant. This gives one ability to floss and have access to your teeth for an improved oral health.


2. Dental implants replace damaged teeth in many ways. In addition to the visual value of high-quality implants, they replace all aspects of your natural teeth. Implant maintenance, then, includes oral hygiene habits for real teeth. You also need to schedule routine dental check-ups to make sure that the implants are of optimal quality and functionality.


3. They are convenient in comparison to removable dentures. You can be confident your smile is always beautiful. Dental implants are durable and last many years, with provision of good care inclusive of regular check-up and cleans.

What to expect of the Implant Process?

Dental implants appointments are separated into the following:


Consultation: Thorough oral examination, X-ray taking, assessment of bone density condition and addressing your specific needs with our experienced Clinicians.


Treatment planning and approval of implant guides. Tooth extraction may be recommended.


Insertion of root implant into the jawbone, where the missing tooth was located.


3-6 months healing period is given but time may vary, so the gums close properly over the implants and provide a firm base for your new tooth or crown.


Digital Impression taken for making the implant crown.


An implant crown is placed after three months review, provided the jawbone is strong to support the new tooth.


What are Dental Implants?

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