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Straight Teeth Without Braces: Myobrace and Preventive Pre-Orthodontic Treatment in North Ryde

At Midas Dental, we are proud to provide our young patients with a new and innovative treatment to help straighten their teeth, prevent the need for braces and improve their jaw development.

Our preventive pre-orthodontic services in North Ryde, including Myobrace, focus on the underlying causes of crooked teeth without the need for extraction or braces. It addresses oral or myofunctional habits, such as swallowing and breathing techniques and resting of the tongue against the roof of the mouth.

Our pre-orthodontic treatment for kids can also help promote healthy dietary habits. It can widen the jaw and straighten the teeth so they develop to their full size. This allows sufficient room for the new teeth to settle in naturally straight and eliminate the future need for braces. We also offer Myobrace, a no-braces orthodontic technique to help straighten teeth and jaws by correcting the real cause of crooked teeth—underlying muscle habits.

A little girl gets pre-orthodontic treatment

Stages of Our Pre-Orthodontic Treatment in North Ryde

Habit Correction– we teach the patient to breathe through their nose instead of their mouth, to swallow properly, to rest their tongue in the correct position and to keep their lips together when they are not talking or eating. This enables the teeth to come in straight by enabling the jaw to grow to the proper size.

Arch Development– In some patients, the upper jaw will require enlargement to allow enough space for the tongue and teeth. We use a system in our pre-orthodontic treatment for kids that helps develop the jaw.

Dental Alignment– When permanent teeth start coming out, we utilise another pre-orthodontic treatment that helps align teeth into their natural position.

Retention– There won’t be any need for retainers to maintain alignment and good oral habits, unlike the case with braces. Our pre-orthodontic treatment in North Ryde improves overall oral health and enables more stable orthodontic results.

teeth before and after myobrace

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best age for Myobrace and other preventive pre-orthodontic treatments?

Pre-orthodontic treatment has the potential to remedy an array of oral health issues. In general, most dentists agree that preventive pre-orthodontic treatment for kids is best administered to children when they are still growing. Ideally, it should be done when the first set of permanent teeth erupt — between the ages of 6-10.

Why is early pre-orthodontic treatment important?

Timely preventive pre-orthodontic treatment is important as it has the potential to improve your child’s overall dental health. Early treatment when your child’s jaw and teeth are still developing will help correct the habits that will eventually lead to crooked teeth when left untreated. Pre-orthodontic treatment for kids has the potential to put the child on the right path toward flawless oral health as they transition into adolescence and young adulthood.

What are the health benefits of Myobrace and preventive pre-orthodontic treatments?

Aside from aligning the jaws and teeth and improving facial development, a preventive pre-orthodontic treatment can provide additional health benefits such as addressing airway dysfunction and teaching children early on about good dietary habits.

Choose Midas Dental for Myobrace and Preventive Pre-orthodontic Treatment in North Ryde

Midas Dental readily provides a solution for all your child’s dental concerns. If your top priority for your kid is to have a straight smile, we offer top-notch preventive pre-orthodontic services in our North Ryde clinic. Our skills, expertise and commitment back up our promise to provide high-quality dentistry services.

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